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Since 2005
DONTTEARMEDOWN, the number one international within temptation fan site. online bringing news, videos and photos since 2005, but it was a long and tough road for DONTTEARMEDOWN. started as a small diy-website with some news items at the end of december 2005, mainly writing in dutch. this all changed in 2007 with the rebranding to FROZENWITHIN and its complete look. the site became bigger and caught attention of fans. the site started to grow fast. this caused the site to change its name and look once again, for the last time this time, to DONTTEARMEDOWN late 2008. the site went through a big make-over and grew fast to one of the top WITHIN TEMPTATION fan sites. with the start of a photo gallery, and serving fans daily WITHIN TEMPTATION news, the site was named number one international fan site in the early days of 2010. a big honor, but also a big task to fulfill. with a few bumps along in the road, a few time-outs, the site is still ahead of others. nowadays, with a basic website which mainly focusses on headlines, breaking news and photos.
DONTTEARMEDOWN - made for fans, by fans. since 2005
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