November 10, 2014
“Let Us Burn” Out Now 🔥

WITHIN TEMPTATION officially released their new live release “Let Us Burn”. An exciting registration of two amazing live performances. At one side their anniversary show “Elements”, recorded November 13, 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium – and the second show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during their final leg of the “Hydra” tour. This release is originally released between November 12 (Japan), and November 24 (USA) of 2014 via BMG.

Live release

The release was originally supposed to be titled “Let Us Burn – Hydra Live In Concert” instead of “Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert”. The “Elements” show of 2012 was last-minute added due to a lot of requests by fans on social media. Due to capacity, mixing and coopyright issues, both releases are missing tracks which were performed live, such as “Titanium” (“Elements” – later released as music video), “Angels” (“Hydra”) and “Our Solemn Hour” (“Hydra”).

Old band members

During the anniversary show “Elements”, Within Temptation was joined by some old band members were joined on stage, such as Robert Westerholt, Martijn Westerholt and Michiel Papenhove.


= Elements in Concert=
01. Intro
02. Iron
03. In The Middle Of The Night
04. Faster
05. Fire And Ice
06. Our Solemn Hour
07. Stand My Ground
08. Angels
09. Sancturary Intro
10. The Last Time
11. Say My Name
12. Candles
13. Sin?ad
14. The Promise
15. Mother Earth
16. Ice Queen
17. Stairway To The Skies

= Hydra in Concert =
01. Intro
02. Let Us Burn
03. Paradise (What About Us?)
04. Faster
05. Iron
06. Edge Of The World
07. In The Middle Of The Night
08. Dangerous
09. And We Run
10. Stand My Ground
11. Covered By Roses
12. Mother Earth
13. What Have You Done
14. Silver Moonlight
15. Whole World Is Watching (Acoustic)
16. Sin?ad
17. Ice Queen

Header image credit: Within Temptation. ©2014.