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New Album: Album expectations: what we know
posted on oct 10, 2017
mockup: donttearmedown © 2017

WITHIN TEMPTATION is about to share its new work with the world. Their seventh full length studio album is being recorded as we speak. With this news post, we would like to give you a quick recap of what's known about their upcoming studio album so far. For the information we have gathered in one item, we have used information given by band members itself on social media, interviews or any other official published way. Where possible and where needed, the source will be added into the news item.


So far known, and been confirmed by a band member, the seventh studio album of Within Temptation will be released somewhere 2018. But "there are some things on their way", according to this band member. More about this below. The album is going to contain "big surprises", new elements. The band is busy writing and preparing for this new release since 2014, right after their sixth album release of "Hydra".

Big Surprise

During an interview on June 18, 2016 at Hellfest Press Conference, Sharon and Ruud revealed some more information about what to expect, it's all a "big surprise"...

"At the moment we have started, we’re not that far. We don’t have a release date yet." ... "We’re always trying to find some kind of angle to make this album different than the other ones. Last time we had a lot of guest appearances [Hydra], the comics before that one [the Unforgiving], we’ll come with something new again. We have several options, but we’re not definite on that yet. All part of the big surprise!"

~ Loud tv - Published June 26, 2016

Two, almost three years of writing

August 16, 2016. Graspop Metal Meeting. Sharon and Ruud were interviewed by Sofie Engelen. Talking about their upcoming studio album, which they have been busy writing for - for two, almost three years already. Interview in Dutch below.

Sofie Engelen: “This will be your only show in Belgium this year”
Ruud Jolie: “That's right”
Sofie Engelen: “Because you’re working on a new record”
Sharon den Adel: “We’ve been working on this record for 2, almost 3 years now.”
Sofie Engelen: “Are you recording already?”
Sharon den Adel: “No not yet, we’re still in the writing progress”

~ Studio Brussel - Published August 16, 2016

#BePatient #haveaniceday

Sharon den Adel started 2017 with an Instagram, posting a picture of her view of the day. She entered the studio to start the writing and pre-recoding process for their upcoming studio album.

My view today ... #studio #itWillCome #BePatient #haveaniceday
My view today ... #studio #itWillCome #BePatient #haveaniceday
~ Sharon den Adel - Published January 18, 2017

No live appearances

On February 4, 2017 guitar player Ruud Jolie announced on his Facebook, there will be no live appearances with the full band in the year of 2017. Sharon will join some festivals, but as guest appearances.

This year WT probably won't do any gigs so I will have to keep myself occupied with all the other projects I love to do. I'm not gonna sit on a chair in my kitchen and wait for another WT tour.
~ Ruud Jolie - Published February 04, 2017

"Blue Moon"

A moon through the trees. Sharon posted this "Blue #moon"-photo on Instagram, on March 13. New music? More lyrics? We will know soon enough.

Blue #moon, I saw you standing alone. I heard you saying hello.. #monday #music #life

~ Sharon den Adel - Published March 13, 2017

Studio Vibes with Sharon den Adel

March 14, 2017, Sharon den Adel just posted another update from the recording studio. She will be spending her Tuesday writing lyrics and pre-recording. She posted a selfie on Instagram on this day.

Helloooo #tuesday #music #studio
Helloooo #tuesday #music #studio
~ Sharon den Adel - Published March 14, 2017


On May 13, 2017 Sharon den Adel posted a photo on social media, announcing she just started writing some more lyrics for their seventh and upcoming studio album. Looking for topics with her glass of wine.

Got a candle, pen & paper ... Ready for it... #Lyrics.... #Topics ... Just starting... #goodnight 🍷
~ Sharon den Adel - Published May 13, 2017 - Unfortunately became unavailable

Midnight Sky

Working title? Album title? Upcoming single? On June 21, 2017, Within Temptation published a blurry picture on Instagram with five hashtags. To be continued?

#MidnightSky ....looks like a #painting #sweetdreams #indigo blue #music
#MidnightSky ....looks like a #painting #sweetdreams #indigo  blue #music
~ Within Temptation - Published June 21, 2017

Vocal Booth

On June 23, Sharon posted this selfie. Vocal booth time! Sharon was busy recording vocals on this day and was kind enough to share this photo of herself.

#Goodmorning #dragons enjoy your #friday pics were taken yesterday in the studio of #martijnspierenburg #MusicInTheAir music everywhere :)
This pic was taken #yesterday #goodmorning & #hello from #martijnspierenburg enjoy your #friday
~ Sharon den Adel - Published June 23, 2017

Silver Linings

August 8, 2017 brought us a new line of possible lyrics. While Sharon was enjoying her dinner, she posted the following photo on Twitter, with this interesting caption.

Find your silver lining ... #TuesdayThoughts #SilverLining #dinner

~ Sharon den Adel - Published August 08, 2017

Album to be released somewhere 2018

On October 6, Mike Coolen confirmed DONTTEARMEDOWN's album expectations. In an interview with "Breaking The Chains", Coolen announced the album to drop somewhere 2018.

We're having a bigger break with Within Temptation at the moment. Fans would have to wait until next year. There are some things on their way, can't say more right now.

~ Breaking The Chains - Published October 06, 2017

This news post has been created October 2017 and is based on reliable sources. Sources are mentioned at its information where needed. All written album expectations have been published or broadcasted in any possible way. This news post is meant to inform fans of WITHIN TEMPTATION about the upcoming studio album of the Dutch rock-band. This news post is created by fans - for fans.