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New Album: Our expectations
posted on aug 28, 2017 | last edit on sep 2, 2017
mockup: donttearmedown © 2017

WITHIN TEMPTATION has been very busy the past two years with song writing, recording demos and mixing tunes. It's time to expect the unexpected, post our album expectations and facts online. Feel free to share your thoughts on social media with us. For now, the wait for studio album seven has begun!

Please note, all information below is whether found online in official statements, such as interviews, over the past years. Some of the information might be rumoured and is not official until further notice. We have gathered information via various sources. Not all of these details are official until further notice. Also the mockup is created by donttearmedown, where no (official) artwork has been published just yet.

Within Temptation posted a couple of updates online already, they're currently in the studio writing, recording and mixing. An exciting process of music, music and music. The seventh studio album of Within Temptation, yet unnamed without published working title but possibly titled "Midnight Sky", will soon be a fact, but is rumored to be the last. The album is expected for its release around end-April, begin-May of 2018 which means we can expect its first single mid-December 2017. This seventh studio album will be produced and recorded with an orchestra, the style will be a throwback between their 2007 album "The Heart Of Everything" and their first releases "Enter" and "Mother Earth". The sound will be more bombastic, rough and less pop-rock'ish compared to their 2014 "Hydra". Mike Coolen will return as their drummer, but collaborations will make its return on their seventh studio album as well.

Their upcoming seventh studio album will be a lot heavier as the previous two albums "Hydra" and "The Unforgiving". The album will be raw, dark, with lots of blood pumping guitar riffs by Ruud Jolie and Stefan Helleblad and heart racing basslines by Jeroen van Veen. Even some throwback grunts by Robert Westerholt are reported by the band in an early interview as possible. A fan-favorite return collaboration with Tarja Turunen has not yet been reported, but the band and the Finnish soprano are very exited to work together again in the future, to be continued?

Like previous releases, new and spectacular outfits for Sharon and the boys will be designed by Dutch fashion designer JANBOELO. We are very exited with their renewal collaboration already, and cannot wait to see the new stage wear.

Will "Crash & Burn" from JANBOELO's fall/winter-collection make its full-length premier? A fan requested song, which the band has been ignoring since its release. Not sure what we're talking about? Click here.

This is what's known and/or rumored for now. This item will be updated once known more. Your thoughts? Feel free to share them with us on social media!

UPDATE September 2, 2017:
As of now, we have learned that the seventh and upcoming studio album of Within Temptation might not be the last studio album of the band. This item has been modified, where needed.
Time for ice cream, cheers, Ruud 🍦