January 18, 2018
New WT album: coming soon

It’s been a while since we heard from them, but Within Temptation is about to be back on fire! Last year, Within Temptation announced their comeback with an single later this year, 2018 – and album expected to drop late 2018/early 2019.

Side Projects

In a recent interview, lead singer Sharon den Adel admitted herself and some band members were busy with exploring other things. Side projects were the main focus during the time away from Within Temptation. Sharon herself announced and launched her own side project, My Indigo late 2017, with a full-length studio album set for March 2018.

Sharon explains:

“All the bandmembers have some sort of side-projects this year, and so have I! My solo project is coming and is called My Indigo, and I will release my solo debut album in 2018, too. We’re all mainly focused on finishing the new Within Temptation album and pushing ourselves in a new direction once again on a music level. If we succeed in doing that, the rest of what comes from that this year will follow by itself.”

Concept Album

In previous interviews and appearances, Sharon den Adel talked about possible album ideas already. They want to experiment again, make things big, bombastic and orchestral again. At their Team Rock interview (January 2018), Sharon talked about possible album ideas, including the possibilities to create a concept album like “The Unforgiving“.

We still have to finish the lyrics for this album, so I can’t tell you much about it conceptually yet. Sorry! At this moment, we’re almost done writing, but we would like to write two more songs for now. But yes, we might do a return to high concept. I loved doing it on The Unforgiving!”

Sharon describes the songs as ‘a bit modern, and heavy in a different way you’re used from us’. As usual, they try to challenge themselves in the writing process.

Expected Release

We expect the first single to be released end 2018. The full length seventh studio album of Within Temptation is expected for release late 2018/early 2019.

On Tour

Within Temptation will also hit the road again in 2018, with their recently announced “MMVXII”-tour. They will visit 33 cities in 18 countries, including a few where they haven’t been in a while! Tickets are on sale as of today. Previously sold out shows became available again, but be quick, the tour is expected to sell out before the half of 2018.

Within Temptation announced their 2018 "MMXVIII"-tour