February 6, 2018

DONTTEARMEDOWN just got renewed! In 2017, we launched our brand new website and received a lot of feedback on the website. We want to thank you all for the kind words and the great support – but also those who were pointing us on small, and less small, design errors.

With this renewed theme, we’ve worked on a 100% Responsive Theme. This theme is responsive on most of the devices used in 2018 – and according to our visitors statistics. The theme is also less big and items will no longer fill your full screen. In our beliefs, the redesigned news items are much easier to read – and were heavily tested on several devices to optimise these pages on different size screens.

Add to Home Screen

You can now – finally, we know – add DONTTEARMEDOWN and its subpage for My Indigo to your Home Screen! Follow your device settings and get quick access to DONTTEARMEDOWN on the go! For now, there are no official apps available in the App Store. Unfortunately, this is financially not possible for DONTTEARMEDOWN.


The Future

We at DONTTEARMEDOWN are looking for solutions and upgrades to our systems and theme every day. For the time being, obviously, no design upgrades planned. However, we are currently looking into the possibilities to offer desktop notifications through Safari and Google Chrome. This is to be continued.

Feedback = Love

We would like to thank you all once again, for the feedback and great support over the years. DONTTEARMEDOWN – Within Temptation Fan Site since 2005, still standing strong! In case of any feedback – a bug, suggestions(s), photo(s) to be added, news item(s) to be featured, etc., do not hesitate contacting us! We’re here for you.